About Us
The Philosophy of Healing!

Health is not only absence of disease, it is a state of complete well being! It is a synergy of the body, mind, spirit with the universe you live in.

“When you align ourselves with natural laws of existence, you experience health and well being.”

….and the opposite is equally true. When you stray from the path of nature, you fall sick. Sickness or ‘Dis-ease’ is nothing but the loss of the ‘feeling of well being’. The concept of disease, according to nature’s health wisdom, is not limited to the physical body only - it involves the mind and in a broader sense, the spirit itself! Thus, the understanding of ‘Disease’ is not restricted to a faulty organ or malfunction of the body. This is the uniqueness of this approach where disease is perceived as an affection of the whole….. every part of your existence. Essentially, the whole person is sick!

There are two distinct categories of disease. One which invades the otherwise healthy body from the environment and also from unhealthy lifestyles - the Acute diseases; and the Other which originates from within; which has its roots in the mind and spirit - the Chronic diseases. The acute diseases can be resolved easily, by simple remedies and suitable changes in lifestyle. It is the chronic diseases which need special management - a wholistic management of the body, mind and spirit energy.

Freedom from chronic disease and suffering also needs to be equally ‘holistic’. The Healing approach goes to the root of the ailment and Treatments are designed to help correct disturbances on the physical level, mental level (emotional & intellectual), lifestyle (diet, stress, pollution) and in a broader sense….to re-establish harmony in life!

Freedom from illness and suffering…..

Freedom Clinic offers healing solutions for all categories of illness. Freedom therapies are based on nature’s healing wisdom, which are safe, effective and curative. Our scope of treatment ranges from managing day-to-day health problems, chronic illnesses and mental health, and even aesthetic problems. Various treatments in the form of natural medicines, vital energy manipulations, special therapeutic approach by Mind Therapy and correcting day-to-day regimen help in restoring health.

All our therapies amalgamate the wisdom of nature’s healing technology in the light of modern scientific medicine and research. Each therapy is based on sound fundamentals and time tested for its effectiveness.

At Freedom Clinic natural healing is an art and good health is the prime objective!