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Pain Management
Pain is the most prevailing symptom of illness, and often the most ignored.”

Our existence is a marvel of nature’s engineering. It is designed to nourish itself, protect itself and to be in a state of wellbeing - a state of health and happiness. Nature has also provided for an inbuilt mechanism to display signs of deviation from health to a state of illness.

Illness is the absence of well being; Illness makes it impossible to lead a normal life! Though, there may be various causes and types of illness, pain is an inevitable symptom in most of them. In essence, ‘Pain’ is the main reason for which a patient approaches a doctor for help.

Acute Pain is often distressing and needs immediate attention; but when Pain becomes Chronic, it often brings emotional strains like guilt, depression, and anger. These can lead to decreased activity in family life and feelings of isolation due to inactivity. Because pain affects sleeping patterns; fatigue, irritability, and lethargy are common issues affecting pain sufferers. When experienced together, these symptoms can create a cycle of despair for patients and their families.

The judicious management of Pain becomes an important duty of the attending physician. It is important to understand that the management of Pain is not limited to the relief of Pain symptoms but managing it holistically and eliminating its root cause.

Freedom Clinics manages Pain by treating the ROOT CAUSE - Naturally, Permanently ……. without side effects!

Management of Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is defined as pain that outlasts the normal healing process, which is usually 8-12 weeks.

Clinically, FPC divides chronic pain into 2 broad categories

  • Pains that follow a traumatic injury, surgery, or even a simple back or sports injury.
  • Pains due to systemic diseases
Therapeutic protocols include :
A. Physical approach

Acupuncture, Laser therapy, Meridian Exercises

B. Psychological approach

Cognitive behavioral therapy, Hypnosis

C. Medications

Homoeopathy, Tissue salts, Herbal tinctures, Supplements

Aims of Pain Management :
  • Minimize or Eliminate Pain
  • Significantly Increase Physical Activity
  • Eliminate Unsafe Medication Usage
  • Cultivate Lifestyle Behaviors that Promote Wellness
  • Handle psychological causes of Pain