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Homeopathy is a recognised therapeutic system founded in 1796 by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrine of like cures like (similia similibus curentur), which means that any medicinal substance that has the power to causes symptoms similar to the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms of an illness found in sick people.

Homeopathic philosophy states that essentially a person is Sick or Diseased as a whole and not in parts. The disturbance may be represented in a part but it actually represents an inner disturbance or a Root cause affecting the whole system.

When a suitable homeopathic remedy is prescribed based on the understanding of a person’s inner state there is a change, a healing process which takes place at all levels and provides a rapid, gentle and long lasting cure….i.e. elimination of not only the symptoms but the disease in totality.

Biochemics / Tissue Salts

This is a unique system of cellular therapy founded by Dr. Schuessler. He found that there are 12 inorganic minerals present in the body which he called “tissue salts”. He postulated that the human body is composed of an enormous number of tiny, living cells, each one made up of an infinitesimal but perfectly balanced quantity of three classes of materials: water, organic substances and inorganic substances. Water and organic matter such as sugar, albuminous and fatty substances make up the greater portion of the body. The inorganic (mineral) elements, however, although present in very much smaller quantities, are the really vital elements and If the blood lacks the necessary quantities of these active, life-giving, inorganic elements then the rebuilding process cannot proceed in a normal manner and this gives rise to a disorder or ailment of the body.

According to Dr Schuessler, a normal balance of these vital salts can be re-established by administering the deficient mineral salts in a readily assimilated form. These are now known as Schuessler Tissue Salts. Schuessler found that the most effective way to assimilate these salts was through a homeopathically prepared micro dose, which passes rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore into our cells.

Flower Remedies

Flower therapy is based on the concept of utilising the vital energies contained in flowers for healing. The flower is the highest developed component of a plant and possesses the most potent form of healing energy of that plant. Flower preparations can be produced by placing flowers in water and exposing them to sunlight. This process allows the "vital force" to gently transfer into the sunlit water, and the preparations are not succussed

The applications of Flower remedies are unique. They work principally on the dynamic body of the individual first and then establishes harmony to the Mind-Body complex. It is specially applicable in mental and psycho somatic cases viz. Anxiety Neurosis, Sadness, Fears/ Phobias, Anger, managing stress and other conditions like allergy, headaches, poor immunity etc.

Herbs & Supplements

Herbal medicine, also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine, refers to using a plant's seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. Herbalism has a long tradition of use outside conventional medicine.

Whole herbs contain many ingredients, and they may work together to produce a beneficial effect. Modern medicine recognises the healing potentials of plant-derived compounds. But, Herbs are not only a bunch of chemicals. Herbs also confirm to the theory of ‘Vital Energy’ by which their healing properties are not only because of chemical compounds but due to the living energies within it.

Herbal medicine is used to treat many conditions, such as allergies, asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer, among others.

Special Therapeutic Tools

The Science of Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has evolved over a period of 4000 years. The basic principle of Health according to TCM is that there is a balance, a harmony of QI(energy) within the body. They have evolved a system of Meridians (Energy Channels) through which the Qi flows and maintains all the organs and parts of the body in harmonious functioning. Disease according to TCM is an imbalance in the flow of energy through the meridians. This disharmony can be corrected by stimulating the flow of energy by way of needle manipulations along the affected meridians. Acupuncture has proved its efficacy time and again especially in cases of Pain - be it of any nature, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Paralysis and many more. WHO advocates Acupuncture as the best treatment for more than 80 different types of pain syndromes……and so do we.

Auriculo therapy

Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of the auricle of the external ear for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in other parts of the body. It is also known as ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture when the stimulation is achieved by the insertion of acupuncture needles, whereas the term auriculotherapy often refers to electrical stimulation of the surface of ear reflex points. Specific points on the ear can also be stimulated by manual pressure, referred to as auricular acupressure or ear reflexology. Acupuncture points on the ear can also be stimulated with lasers, magnets, and ear pellets.

The basic concept in auriculotherapy is that nerves in the skin overlying specific areas of the external ear correspond to specific parts of the brain which has reflex connections to the body. Organo-Cutaneous Reflexes are activated when organic pathology in a specific part of the body induce reflex reactions in the external ear, manifested as localized changes in tenderness, altered blood circulation, and electrodermal reactivity. Cutaneo-Organic Reflexes are activated when specific points on the auricle are stimulated in order to relieve organic pathology in another part of the body.

Pressiq therapy *(Freedom Special)

The human body is an amazing energy system, wherein the vital energy flows through its own channels/ pathways. This energy is the spark of life for our physical body. It is important to understand the energy pathways - a system or networking of invisible bodily energy (qi) channels that run and recharge the body’s energy fields. The meridians interconnect deep within the body core - If there’s a blockage or disrupted flow of qi & blood in the meridians, or an excessive or insufficient qi & blood in the meridians, we may fall sick as a result.

Thus, our very health is dependent of this energy flow. The best part is that these energies can be modulated by manipulating its meridians (also known as acupressure vessels) by stimulating specific points along the meridians.

Pressiq therapy is a unique Meridian Massage which simply means stimulating the acupressure points using various techniques to helps us clear any blockage and balance the flow of qi & blood in the meridians,

Pressiq therapy - Applications and Benefits
  • It is a self therapy which can be very useful for different age group.
  • In children, it helps them grow up healthily and strong, with improved immune system and reduce respiratory tract issues.
  • For teenagers and students, these techniques is useful to help them in staying healthy for their studies and sports activities.
  • In adults one can avoid many aches and pains, digestion issues, overweight and underweight challenges and relieve many common illnesses. Pressiq therapy is an unique approach for disease elimination and immunity building .
Mind Therapy *(Freedom Special)

‘The Mind is the primal force of our existence. The human body is the crystallization of deep rooted mental tendencies. Healing the mind, heals our lives. Freedom Mind Therapy heals the body, stabilizes the mind and energizes the spirit. ‘

There is a growing awareness about the vast potentials of the mind. On the health front, the mind contributes to health or disease. When the mind is in harmony, it imparts health and when in disharmony, it causes disease. Thus it is vital to heal the mind for the management of any chronic disease or find a solution to a life problem.

MIND THERAPY is a special therapeutic program, to cater to mental health and well being. MIND THERAPY offers solutions to a wide range of disorders linked to the mind.

MIND THERAPY helps in clearing the mind of past fixations, emotional traumas and wrong behavioral patterns, which is essential for a healthy personality.

FREEDOM MIND THERAPY* is an amalgamation of psycho therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypno therapy, Life Philosophy and much more. It aids in the development of the latent potentials of the mind and promotes harmony in all aspects of our existence.

Complimentary Tools
Lifestyle management and counselling

A BALANCED LIFESTYLE : A healthful lifestyle is more than just a list of habits to cultivate and those to avoid. It is also about the balance of the healthful items in your life. Here are the components that make this balance:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Habits
  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Relationships
  • Thoughts

And lastly, the most important component of all, is finding harmony and purposeful existence. Stress, Monetary pursuits and lack of self discipline is the main cause of deterioration of health.

Freedom iClinics advisory services helps in achieving harmony in life, which assists in the overall healing process.

Healing Diet *(Freedom Special)

Diet plays a multifaceted role in the body. They are not only components of energy, growth and repair but equally important for disease prevention and cure.

The fundamentals of dietetics are based on the principle that ‘Food is probably the most frequently consumed 'drug' available to all without so much as a prescription’.

There is a growing awareness about the role of food in various conditions. Certain foods can act as cancer-blockers, antidepressants, diuretics, anticoagulants, painkillers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, tranquilizer and so much more. And these foods in turn can ward off headaches, arthritis, heart attack and stroke, colds, influenza, ulcers, cancers of many types, gallstones, constipation, and virtually most other disorders and afflictions you can think of.

Freedom iClinics prescribes “Healing Diets” - diets that are based on utilising the ‘pranic’ principals of diet items. This ancient concept is relevant even today, where the gross abuse of diet is the cause of many illnesses.

Detoxification, Micro nourishment, and living bio energy provide the healing touch thru diets.

Healing Exercises *(Freedom Special)

Regular exercise offers incredible benefits for your body and mind. Not only does exercise keep the body fit but has powerful anti ageing effects with increase in strength, improved bone density, and balanced cholesterol levels. Exercise can reverse the detrimental effects of stress and lift depression. A complete physical fitness program includes exercises to develop flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training.

However, exercises have another dimension - the healing dimension. The essential components of this protocol are Breathing and Meridian Stretches. Freedom IClinics introduces healing exercises.

--> Special breathing techniques reveal that the way you breathe is the way you live. Breathing is absolutely essential to life, but it’s often overlooked as a necessity for healing.

Qi and para breathing techniques help balance the vital energy and stimulate the healing process.

--> Meridian stretches is an ancient approach to stimulate the organs of the body. Special exercise stretches help in elimination of toxins, improving flow of vital nutrients to the organs and restore functional balance.