Healthcare Program
Day To Day
“ Manage acute illnesses well - develop immunity and prevent chronic illness”

Health and illness are part of our daily life. Each one of us is susceptible to acute illnesses due to various reasons like climatic changes, food irregularities, stress and fatigue, acute infections, etc. It is important that all such deviations from normal health are handled accurately and promptly. After all, mismanagement of relatively simple health problems is one of the main cause for the development of chronic and major illnesses in the future.

Freedom iClinics offers an unique healthcare concept for management of day-to-day illnesses. As a protocol, we try to understand every individual thoroughly

  • by analysing his constitution,
  • knowing the predispositions,
  • hereditary tendencies and
  • lifestyle influences

This helps us to treat him accurately not only during an acute illness episode but also to plan for his immunity enhancement and preventive advices.

Homoeopathic and biochemic medicines, herbal supplements and home remedies with life style modifications are employed to manage all such day-to-day problems.

Freedom iClinics also offers a special package for its regular patients. A personal homeopathic home kit consisting of common remedies is made available for the patient - to be used in any emergency. Also, advises on diets and exercises contribute in prevention and immunity building.

Useful for :
  • Indispositions
  • Episodic and Recurrent Acute Illness
  • Preventive Healthcare
  • Immunity Enhancement
  • Day to day problems