Healthcare Program

Beauty is not only skin deep. It is rightly said that true beauty is a reflection of inner well being and harmony with nature. It is further reinforced by nurturing the body-mind-spirit with natural food and exercises. However, our fast paced world leaves us stressed out and overwhelmed while pollution levels damage your skin and leave you sluggish and exhausted. Lack of awareness about one’s specific nutrition requirements and ignorance of the need to reinforce our vital energy results in early ageing and predisposes us to illness. Such individuals lack the fresh, youthful and healthy look which is replaced by the ‘older- than-you-are’ look.

As one grows older, the changes that occur in the skin, soft tissue and bony facial skeleton result in the ‘ageing face’ characterised by dermatochalasis (drooping eye-lid skin), brow ptosis (droopy brows), fat prolapse (eyelid bags), infraorbital hollows or sunken eyes, wrinkles skin lines and pigmentation.

Freedom isClinic introduces an unique program which defies the ageing process. It is based on the principle of optimization of local and general nutrition and harnessing the healing properties of our unique vital energy. This program de-stresses you and rejuvenates the body-mind-spirit trium the way nature intended it. An unique Cosmo-needling treatment tones the facial muscles and improves circulation imparting a naturally youthful look. Cosmo-needling also concentrates the vital energy to restore health. The treatment is complemented by natural skin tonics which restore the healthy glow to your skin. Freedom Aesthetic program has Zero chemicals and 100% nurturing! Now you can say No to Botox, and No to painful cosmetic surgeries.

Look good, Feel good, experience youthful energy!
Useful for :
  • Face beauty
  • Hair & Skin care
  • Body aesthetics
  • IDEAL Weight