Healthcare Program
Chronic Illness

All chronic and difficult illnesses are effectively managed with a natural curative approach. Amalgamation of advanced naturopathic therapies and bio-medicine is the core specialty of Freedom iClinics.The treatment initially targets disease control/elimination followed by preventive advises or maintenance therapy as per the needs of the patient.

“ Only 10% of all chronic illnesses indicate true systemic disturbances others are just self inflicted disturbances .”

Any illness which persists over a long period of time or recurs constantly is termed as chronic. Such illnesses have a tendency to progress with time and can have serious consequences. Most of the ‘so-called chronic’ illnesses are due to wrong lifestyles and repeated wrong management of day-to-day ailments. Only 10 % are true chronic illnesses due to functional and organic faults of the body while others are just pseudo diseases.

Patients with true chronic illnesses not only suffer physically, but mentally, socially and economically as well. Though we know the disease by its signs and symptoms, surprisingly, very little is known about why they originated. Also, there is a growing tendency to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. Such an approach leads to suppression of disease expression and accumulation of disease and drug toxins. This results in masking of the original disease and a complex conditions prevails which compromises one’s quality of life and natural well being.

Contrary to the modern approach of diagnosis and treatment of symptom elimination, there exists a therapeutic system which is based on natural healing principles that treats the person and not the disease. At Freedom iClinics, such naturopathic disciplines form the basis of all treatments. Freedom iClinics treatments are safe, effective, curative and without side effects. They are designed to provide natural relief, reduce dependency on any existing drug therapy, and train the body to heal itself.

The treatment itself is a combination of multiple therapeutic protocols and are designed to eliminate your illness!

Useful for :
  • Management of all chronic illness
  • Relief in irreversible illness
  • Management of degenerative and ageing problems
  • Minimising dependancy of chemical drug therapy