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“......something very toxic is within you, having entered through diet, the emotions, the environment, or even the internal momentum of the stresses of life. It has taken on a life of its own, and is altering your core intelligence. Such an altered intelligence is making you nurture this toxin instead of eliminating it causing a conflict within you........to an extent of causing the destruction of your core”

Cancer known medically as a malignant neoplasm, is a broad group of diseases involving unregulated cell growth. Some tissue cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, and invading nearby parts of the body. In order for a normal cell to transform into a cancer cell, the genes which regulate cell growth and differentiation must be altered…….

Freedom iClinics approach to Cancer

Cancer begins in the Mind : It would not be wrong to state that, in most cases, the root cause of cancer originates in the Mind. A distorted mental state or one poisoned with toxic emotions bends, distorts, and finally binds the flow of life through the system of tissues that constitutes the somatic. This triggers a defensive contraction of emotion which binds the flow of healthy life energy.

The following chart illustrates the connections between organs and emotional issues.

Type of cancer
  • Primary emotional issues
  • Thyroid Disempowerment Lack of full self-expression
  • Lung Fear of dying or suffocation Unrelenting grief, issues with receiving & letting go
  • Lymphatic Loss of self-worth Deep, pervasive fear and negative thinking
  • Breast Separation conflicts Issues with nurturing – not giving or receiving enough - betrayal
  • Stomach Stuffing anger, "swallowed" too much negativity same
  • Pancreatic Anxiety, anger, family conflicts, Lack of emotional sweetness in inheritance issues life, relationship traumas
  • Liver Fear of starvation Repressed anger, extended frustration
  • Colon Ugly indigestible conflict Rigidity, inability to adapt and let go, holding anger within or rage-o-holic
  • Uterine Sexual conflict Sexual abuse - betrayal
  • Cervix Severe frustration Same as uterus
  • Bone Lack of self-worth, Too much or too little willpower, inferiority complex ancient conflicts
  • Melanoma/skin Feeling violated, unclean, Out of touch with natural loss of integrity rhythms of life
Step 1 : Diagnosis - Identifying the root cause

“These are the imbalances you present in your daily life, and if they are not corrected they may accumulate into energetic blockages that are much more difficult to clear.” The person must be evaluated as a whole and determining the root cause helps in formulating the right treatment.

Step 2 : Core Management

Mind Therapy

Emotional toxins and disharmonious mental processes are responsible for most chronic illnesses including cancer. Freedom Mind therapy helps eliminate these mental roots of illness - anxiety, irritation, sadness etc and thus allows a deeper level of healing to take place.


A. Nutrition Therapy : radical cleansing diet, featuring raw juices of bitter greens (massive amounts of kale) and sprouted legumes, but always warmed with fresh ginger and fresh turmeric. It is crucial to remember that cleansing diets in general deplete prana, and must not be maintained for long. Balancing cleansing with restorative protocols is ideal.

B. Medicine therapy : Homoeopathy, Herbs Constitutional homoeopathic medicines - offers a safe and effective treatment aimed at improving the altered immunity and also treating the ongoing destructive processes to provide relief to the patient.

C. Auriculo therapy : Harmonizing the flow of vital energy in the body by stimulating auriclar points. It helps in giving symptomatic relief and stimulating the immune system to help fight malignancy.

Step 3 : Supportive therapies - Yoga Exercises, Pranayam, Refloxology (ERP), supplements

Detoxification is based on bitterness and astringency, along with some pungency – mainly cold and reducing therapies that dissuade excess tissue growth while at the same time re-educating the tissues in discernment and insight. Detoxification involves opening meridian blockages, elimination of toxins by perspiration, emesis & purgation, colon cleansing, and dietary reeducation.

The patient is advised to abstain from all stimulants and immune depressants (caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar) and serious reconsideration of his daily schedule.

Yoga, pranayam help in re establishing the flow of vital energy. ERP help in releasing the somatic knots of emotions toxins. Supplements are known to boost the immune system.

Step 4 : Resetting Body intelligence - Lifestyle, Alkaline diets, Exercises

The treatment of cancer is incomplete without advices on Lifestyle and regimen. The patient must rectify his lifestyle and adopt an healthy regimen with suitable exercises and food habits.


For those who do pursue the fiery cleansing of chemotherapy and radiation, IT IS IMPORTANT TO offers key dietary and herbal support for the GI tract, and fundamental immunology (ojas), with a special focus on cooling and soothing therapies, aids to the liver as it metabolizes the invasive chemistry, and concentrated nutrition and rest in the chemotherapy interim periods.

This last point is most important: if immunity/vitality can be bolstered through temporary GI tract repair between chemo sessions, the client’s capacity to digest the therapy increases vastly. Once chemotherapy and/or radiation is complete, or on pause, rapid alkalization is the goal of all naturopathic treatments, along with the rebuilding of digestive power.

At Freedom iClinic, we deem it necessary to convey that the natural healing approach is extremely powerful and potent in management of this deadly disease. We suggest the patient to consider Freedom Therapies as the main Cancer treatment protocol.